Our services are aligned with the
4 Phases of Project Development:
  1. Conceptualization & Analysis
  2. Design & Documentation
  3. Construction & Management
  4. Operation & Maintenance


By integrating technologies like BIM and GIS into a Single Source of Truth (SSoT), coupled with applying our proprietary Methodology, our clients can smoothly migrate models and information from Planning into Design and Construction, and capture Commissioning information to feed an Asset Management effort for Operations and Maintenance.


In order to guide you through this process, our services include:


High Definition Survey Laser Scanners (HDS Laser Scanning), also called Terrestrial LiDAR, along with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and stationary photogrammetry. Scripts and algorithms paired with specialized software transform the pixels of data into a usable and consumable database repository of information that is then either transformed into a 3D model, or spliced and shared in a simplified version containing only the data  our clients need for their  application.  Hybridizing UAS and Laser Scanning workflows effectively can greatly reduce the cost and time required to capture, process,  and apply the data compared to more traditional means and methods. 

Existing Conditions, or Reality Capture, is utilized to adequate and effectively asses and catalog the condition and number of assets to be implemented into a life cycle management system. To capture existing conditions, we combine



The Assessment serves to identify current problems, potential pitfalls, and the needed and desired improvements in an organizations current system, along with identifying all key stakeholders that need to be involved moving forward to eliminate current problems and provide solutions and effective workflows.


An assessment can vary depending on the client’s unique situation, but

typically includes:

  • Discovery / Company Analysis
  • 5 Year BIM Plan
    • Vision & Mission Statement
    • BIM Mandate
    • Short, Medium and Long Term Goals
  • Rollout Strategy
  • BIM Contract Language and RFPs​
  • Criteria for the Selection of BIM Projects
Making a presentation



Our Modeling related services includes BIM, along with Civil 3D, Point Clouds, and associated BIM reporting for visualization, design, forecasting, and reporting.  A model is very powerful when utilized to its full capabilities, and PDBiM has a highly expereinced team of BIM techs, designers, and project managers to assist you with reaching the model’s full potential for your project and application.


  • Paper / CAD / Reality Capture to BIM
  • Interference Checks / Clash Detection Reports
  • Construction Schedule Integration (4D)
  • Quantity Takeoffs (5D)



Unique situations and data call for flexibility for unique solutions.  That’s where our programming capabilities come into play to provide you the optimum solution and process.  We are versed in Dynamo, Forge, Visual Basic, and can also provide custom scripting and logic.

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Implementation of models and their information generally consists of creating a Standards Manual, and Support Files.

Standards Manuals include detailed information on: Roles and Responsibilities, Processes, Procedures, Workflows, Best Practices, and Modeling Techniques.  Support Files contain a variety of relevant Templates.



An important aspect of system confidence and organizational change management when adopting new workflows and technologies is training.  Training your personnel on standards and procedures, best practices, and the software and workflows is important to optimize efficiency and implement effectively.  PDBiM offers various in house training programs for affected stakeholders including software training for:

Construction Workers Using Visual Simulator on Site



Would you like to have 3D Visualization for Forecasting, Marketing, Training, or other purposes?  We can create high resolution, like-reality renderings and walkthroughs, and showcase them through Virtual and Augmented Reality.​



Project Controls is an important part of a life cycle, and at PDBiM we can provide the data gathering, management, and analytics to understand and influence important decisions.  Our Project Controls services include:

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Progress Control
  • Cost Control
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PDBiM can assist your life cycle asset management system by leveraging our expertise to integrate technology and people.  We can provide integration between data throughout the life cycle by integrating between technology and software. We can provide integration between data and people through workflows and daily tasks, and we can provide integration between people through organizational division collaboration. At PDBiM, we do this by providing:

  • Interfacing Expertise of Software Systems for BIM, CAD, GIS, and IBM Maximo
  • Definition of Assets, Components, and Spare Parts
  • Asset Organization and Location Hierarchy
  • Attribute Definition
  • Identification of Systems and Services: Source, Distribution, Accessories & Devices
  • Definition of Workflows and Routines
  • Assessment, Implementation Documentation, and Training