Project Description

CCI Engineering Services has just completed a two-year contract with the Port of Seattle to develop their BIM Standards and Processes. The Port of Seattle is comprised of three divisions: aviation, maritime, and economic development. CCI performed a comprehensive BIM Needs Assessment, interviewing over 17 separate stakeholder groups to develop a set of standards and processes that would meet the diverse needs of each division and of the separate operating departments within each of them.

The Lifecycle BIM Standards developed by CCI were designed to support both the existing and future needs of the Port as they undergo rapid growth over the next decade. CCI also developed a return-on-investment model for review by the Port’s Commission, and a 10-year technology roadmap to guide future investments.

Prior to publication of BIM Standards and Processes document, outreach meetings were held with local architects and contractors to gather their comments on the proposed standards, their usability and potential cost impacts.
Standards document included guidelines for how to utilize BIM for conceptual analysis, design, construction, operations and maintenance. Standards were established for file structures, file naming, security, BIM level of development across project life cycle phases, coordinate systems, asset shared parameters, BIM QA/QC, project deliverables and BIM integration with external systems.

Project Highlights:
BIM Needs Assessment, Design and Construction Standards Development, Interagency Asset Management and Information Exchanges, SlimBIM Development for O&M Studies, BIM Roadmap Creation, Return on Investment Analysis
Job Description Development, Workforce Training Plans, BIM Template Creation, IT support.

Project Details

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