Existing Conditions Capture

CCI’s engineering technology expertise can make the delivery of your projects more cost effective.  CCI’s team can provide Reality Capture (existing conditions) services in a variety of ways: using terrestrial based laser scanning, unmanned aerial systems (drones) with high resolution photogrammetry, LIDAR, or ground-based photogrammetry.  The combination of these methods provides the most comprehensive representation of the facility or feature being captured.  Unlike many firms, CCI can coherently hybridize these capture methods and takes the extra step to deliver this existing conditions data in the optimized format required for your application.  We pride ourselves in ongoing R&D into the latest technology, software, and hardware in this rapidly progressing field to develop the best results the industry can offer.  We utilize these final deliverables ourselves, so we know what is required.

Final deliverables can include:


  • Photo-imagery (orthomosaic, planimetry, inspection images)
  • GIS geodatabase (SHP, GeoTIFF, KML, GeoJSON)
  • Registered Point Clouds – ReCap (RCP), PTX, PTY, LAS, E57
  • 2D Site Plans, Sections and Elevations in a variety of CAD formats
  • Civil 3D Site Model – Digital Surface Model (DSM), contour
  • Infraworks Models
  • Revit 3D Building Information Models
  • Agisoft Metashape/Photomapper and Pix4D Models


CCI’s Reality Capture services add value to a wide range of applications:


  • Multi-discipline precise As-Builts
  • Airfield/transportation pavement analysis/tracking
  • Construction monitoring and QA/QC
  • Stockpile quantization
  • Large footprint civil project design
  • Oil & Gas scouting/speculation
  • Historical documentation
  • Asset Management
  • Worksite safety auditing/monitoring
  • Bathymetric and vegetative cover modeling for environmental studies
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Sample Projects:


  • I-X Center
  • Easterly WWTP
  • PANYNJ Times Square Bus Terminal Structural truss



  • Jackson Pike WWTP
  • NEORSD Southerly Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT)
  • Beachcroft High School
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